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Join As A Shadchan

Dear Shadchan,
We are pleased that you have shown an interest in becoming a part of The Kesher Connection, and together, B´Ezras Hashem, we will make a difference with shidduchim in Klal Yisroel.
The Kesher Connection was established in order to fulfill an important need in our community.
We are a non-profit organization working exclusively to help create shidduchim. We have an ever-growing, detailed, and highly secure DataVault of people looking to find their basherte, but it takes a personal touch to actually finalize the shidduch, and that is why we need you.
We pride ourselves on trying to help every single client in our DataVault. As a Kesher Connection Shadchan, our office will allow you to utilize our increasingly popular DataVault, do background checks on clients, help you access our Rabbanim for sheilos, and give you reminder calls if necessary. You will also be able to take advantage of our “Partners In Shidduchim” program. If you are in the midst of redding a shidduch and need guidance, we will be there to assist you.
All that we require is your attention to our clients! Approximately once a month you will be assigned to some of our clients, and we ask that you PLEASE call them immediately. Notify the clients that you were the one assigned, and try to learn as much as you can about who they are and what they are looking for, so that you can find them the proper zivug. We realize that it is not always possible to immediately have a potential shidduch, but it is EXTREMELY important that you call anyway, because the clients are anxiously waiting for this call. With Hashem´s help you WILL ultimately find someone suitable.
Please keep in mind what our role is as shadchanim
We are here to give chizuk to those in need and to partner in the zechus of being mezaveg zivugim. As shiluchim of Hakodosh Baruch Hu we, will B´Ezras Hashem ease the burden for parents and singles in Klal Yisroel.
Please be aware of the words you use in order to instill simcha in the hearts of those seeking their basherte; therefore, try not to say: “We don´t have anything new” or “We have hundreds just like you”. Rather, be mechazek by saying: “There is someone for everyone”, “We hope to be the right shaliach”, “We will definitely work on it”, “We will have you in mind” and so on.
As a shadchan with The Kesher Connection, please be advised that any information shared from our DataVault is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and may not be further publicized. While sharing and networking does maximize the potential of finding zivugim, we do it only with the permission of our clients.
Therefore, please note the following
  1. The photos that we have in our DataVault are for shadchanim use ONLY. Pictures or copies may NEVER be shown to anyone else without prior permission from the client.
  2. When giving information to the other side, please do it verbally. DON´T EVER FAX or send over written information.
  3. Call our main number, (718) 576-1094, and listen to the recording on “How to redd a shidduch” based on information and suggestions from professional shadchanim. These are general guidelines that we would like our shadchanim to follow.

In order to determine the success of this project, and to be able to keep our DataVault updated, please notify The Kesher Connection when a shidduch is completed.
May we all be zocheh to help bring simcha and nachas to Bnei and Bnos Yisroel!

To join as a Shadchan, please complete all the information located here.